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The NRS Assessment Database is provided as a resource for information about assessments that may be appropriate for adult education and English literacy students. The information included is based on materials provided by the assessment's publisher.

The database may be searched by test or feature and up to three tests may be compared for all or selected test features. Please note that inclusion in this database does not imply approval of the assessment for use in measuring educational gain for the NRS or endorsement by the US Department of Education for use in adult education programs.

What would you like to do?
  1. Learn more about an individual assessment
  2. Compare up to three assessments
  3. Recommend an adult education assessment to be included in this database

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The database includes features of assessments including:

  1. Narrative Summary
  2. Test Use and Purpose
  3. Test Specifications and Features
  4. Contact/Ordering Information

The NRS Assessment Database currently includes information about the following tests:

  1. Basic Achievement Skills Inventory (BASI™)
  2. BEST Literacy
  3. BEST Plus
  4. Better Edition of Structure Tests—English Language (BESTEL) ESL Assessment Test
  5. Combined English Language Skills Assessment (CELSA)
  6. Diagnostic Assessment of Reading (DAR)
  7. English as a Second Language Assessment (ESLOA)
  8. LaRue Reading Skills Assessment for Preliterate Students (LaRue Reading Assessment)
  9. Massachussetts Adult Proficiency Tests (MAPT)
  10. Reading Evaluation Adult Diagnosis (READ)
  11. RWA (REEP Writing Assessment)
  12. TABE Complete Language Assessment System - English (TABE CLAS-E)
  13. Tests of Adult Basic Education: Forms 9 and 10 (TABE 9 and 10), including Complete Battery and Survey
  14. Versant for English (Versant)
  15. Wonderlic General Assessment of Instructional Needs (GAIN)
  16. WorkKeys

Coming Soon!

We have requested test manuals and materials from publishers for the following tests:

  1. ACT ESL
  2. CASAS Citizenship Interview Test, CASAS Functional Writing Picture & Form Tasks, CASAS Reading, and CASAS Workplace Speaking
  3. PDQ Profile Series & Health Literacy Profile Tests
  4. WADE
  5. Woodcock Johnson
  6. Skillsbank


The National Reporting System for Adult Education (NRS) is administered by the Division of Adult Education and Literacy in the Office of Vocational and Adult Education at the U.S. Department of Education.