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NRS Resources - Doing More With Less


In states across the country, collecting and maintaining data for accountability and program improvement can be a big job.  With a large, and growing, compendium of resources on the NRS website, some states have discovered that our free online courses, guides and other content can be used to complement state-level training activities, orientation for new staff and a reference for all things NRS. 

For example, this spring, the state of New Mexico made use of our online courses to promote better data quality and use across the state.  From centers, like Albuquerque to smaller sites like Farmington and Hobbs, individuals tapped into NRS resources – especially online courses – as part of an effort to boost their NRS knowledge.

Heatmap of New Mexico Visitors
    March 2013

This “heatmap” highlights the New Mexico communities from which NRS website visitors came, during March of 2013, and suggests a concerted effort to leverage NRS resources to support the state’s training needs. 

The Interest in Online Courses chart suggests topics New Mexico program staff found most interesting during this period.