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February 2015   

 Welcome to the February 2015 NRS eNotes !

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NRS Targeted Training:

Defining Adult Education Under WIOA: Messaging with Infographics


The Defining Adult Education Under WIOA: Messaging with Infographics targeted training in March will enhance state capacity to communicate messages about adult education for the purpose of engaging partners defined by the Workforce Innovation and Opportunity Act (WIOA). Participants will be introduced to key WIOA requirements, learn the principles of messaging, learn how to frame messages to partners required by the new legislation, and be introduced to a variety of visual data presentations.  During this training, participants will develop or fine tune messages to inform their state plans and translate these messages into visual representations, such as infographics, to effectively communicate the value of collaboration with adult education to potential state, regional sector, and local WIOA partners.




New Promising Practices Suite of Resources Toolkit


We are excited to announce the new Promising Practices suite of resources toolkit now available on NRSWeb! We have gathered several resources that you may find useful as you implement some of the promising practices in program management and data use. These strategies can help you make the best use of data to help improve state programs. The resources in this section include webinars with state presentations, materials from past NRS training, and links to resources other states have found helpful. The toolkit can be found on the website here:




Webinar on "Policies for Program Improvement"


Data quality is critical for program improvement and has been the focus of much of the training done through the NRS support project. However, it is not the only determinant. Having state policies in place that encourage programs to make changes that have a positive impact on their data is equally important. In this webinar, state staff from Delaware, North Dakota, and Texas will share how specific policies and practices they have put into place have affected their data, resulting in increases in their states’ post-secondary and GED achievement rates, enrollment rates, and level completion rates, respectively. Join us to learn what prompted these states to act, some challenges the states faced in implementing their policies, and what the resulting data have shown. You will also have the opportunity to ask questions and learn tips on how to implement a similar policy in your state.


When: Thursday, Feb. 19, 2015, at 1:00 PM EST to 2:30 PM EST

Intended Audience: State directors and State adult education staff

Purpose: The aim of this webinar is for state staff to understand some policies others have put into place that have effectively improved their programs and data


If you are interested in joining the webinar, please email for a link to the meeting.


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Coming Soon: Developing an NRS Report Card Online Facilitated Course


The NRS Support project is offering a facilitated online course, Developing an NRS Report Card.  This course will help state and local staff learn how to design a program report card using NRS data.  Report cards provide a simple way to summarize data on program outcomes that allows for evaluation of state and local program performance. Report cards and other methods of data presentation will be of increasing importance to meet the accountability requirements of the Workforce Innovation and Opportunity Act (WIOA).


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