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January 2013   

Welcome to the January 2013 NRS eNotes!

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ELC Webinars


In December 2011, we began the Evaluation Learning Community (ELC), a year-long targeted professional development activity.  The NRS ELC consists of state and local adult education staff using their state data to conduct studies on one of three areas: Learning & Persistence, Professional Development, and Postsecondary.  Five of the seven ELC states presented the results of their studies in webinars held on January 15 and January 16.  A third webinar will be held on February 6, 2013.  The webinar is open to the field and information to join and view the presentations will be sent to all state directors and the NRS eNotes listserv.  The webinars will also be recorded and posted on the NRSWeb site.  Please join us if you can!

Planning a Series on "Best Practices in Data Use"

As part of our ongoing effort to help states and programs improve their use of data for program improvement, we are starting a new webinar series on "Best Practices in Data Use."  Each webinar will center on a specific strategy to use data for program improvement and will include presentations from 2-3 states that have successfully implemented the strategy.  Look for more information coming soon on the first webinar in this series titled, "Managed Enrollment." 


"NRS Basics: An Introduction to the NRS" Facilitated Online Course Begins March 2013

Enrollment for NRS Basics, which will begin in early March, is underway!  Since 2009, dozens of state adult education staff have participated in this seven week facilitated online course designed for new state staff and staff who would like to learn about or review basic NRS information. 

Weekly assignments touch on the basics of the NRS and most are completed asynchronously, at the participant's own pace.  Topics covered in the course include: NRS History, Accountability in Adult Education, Measuring Educational Gains, Data Collection, and Quality Control. 

Participants in the course commit to spend an average of 5 hours each week completing assignments and in discussion with participants from other states.  If you are interested, inform your state director who will contact Larry Condelli at 


State Snapshots

Visit the State Snapshots on the NRSWeb site and learn interesting facts about states, including the newest highlight: North Carolina.





NRS Regional Training

Adult education students never stay long enough to learn.  NRS assessments do not inform teachers and instruction.  Adult education students are just dropouts who have failed.  Do you want to be able to disprove these common misperceptions?  This June and July, the NRS regional training, "NRS Myth Busters: The Truth about Adult Education," will help you use your NRS data to analyze and test these and other hypotheses about adult education students or outcomes.  This training will provide background on appropriate research and evaluation methods and will build on last year's NRS ELC.  Lok for more information next month! 

Your New year ResolutionS for 2013?

This month NRS eNotes offers an opportunity to look ahead, reflect on your successes in 2012 and focus on challenges for 2013.  With this in mind, click below on one or more topics you believe will be important factors in your success during the coming year.

Key Topics in My State or Program for 2013 include  (choose one or more) :

Click on your NRS resolution to view a list of NRS resources that may be useful in addressing your key needs. We will post the number of visitors expressing interest on our website next month. 


Your Feedback

Do you have an idea for new NRS Tips or NRS FastFacts? Or a suggestion for a future training? Do you have questions about where to find information on the NRS or the redesigned NRSWeb site? Send an email to - we are always on the lookout for your feedback!

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