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June 2013   

Welcome to the June 2013 NRS eNotes!

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Who You Gonna Call? Myth Busters Training!

This summer, the Division of Adult Education and Literacy , U.S. Department of Education, invites state adult education staff to attend NRS Myth Busters: The Truth about Adult Education.  This year's workshop aims to help guide states in using their data to conduct research studies that bust myths about adult education [Read More]


Webinar on Managed Enrollment

As part of the NRS project's ongoing effort to help states and programs improve their use of data for program improvement, there is a new webinar series on "Promising Practices in Program Management and Data Use".  Each webinar will center on a specific strategy using data for program improvement.

Our first webinar was held on May 9th and we extend our thanks to Kentucky, Nevada and North Carolina for participating in the first webinar on "Managed Enrollment" and discussing how they have successfully implemented managed enrollment in their states.  A total of 80 participants attended!  For those that missed the webinar and would like to see what these states shared, it will soon be posted to the NRSWeb site.  Please also keep an eye out for an announcement about the next webinar in this series. 


 NRS Presentation at State Directors Meeting in May

The NRS team held a session titled "Focusing on Follow-up: Implementing Changes to the NRS" at the National Meeting of State Adult Education Directors, May 21-23 in Arlington, Va.  State staff had the opportunity to discuss their approaches to implementing the recent NRS changes on cohorts with their peers and discussed technical assistance needs. 

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NRS Basics Course Completed

Congratulations to the newest class of NRS Basics graduates!  The fourth NRS Basics Online Facilitated  course ended April 22, 2013.  For seven weeks participants in the course learned about the history of the NRS, accountability in adult education, measuring educational gains, data quality and data collection.  Would you like to find out who successfully completed the course?   Click Here

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Highlight: NRS Resources--Doing More With Less

In states across the country, collecting and maintaining data for accountability and program improvement can be a big job.  With a large, and growing, compendium of resources on the NRSWeb site, some states have discovered that [more] 


Can You Bust a Myth?

The NRS data we collect has the power to persuade, highlight many facts about adult literacy, and even bust a few myths. In honor of our upcoming Myth Busters training, this eNotes quiz offers you an opportunity to test your knowledge about adult learners and programs. Click to select your answer -- FACT or MYTH -- for the statements below. We will tell you what the data has to say.

FACT or MYTH (click to select) :

·         Adult learners don’t get jobs, they just go back onto welfare. factOR myth    

·         A majority of adult learners are English Language Learners. factOR myth

·         Adult education students don’t remain in the program long enough to learn. factOR myth

·         Distance-learning students are less likely to advance than those who attend class in-person. factOR myth

There is much you can learn from your state's NRS data -- especially if it has been carefully managed for accuracy and timeliness. You can learn even more by combining NRS data with other sources of information that you manage.


Your Feedback

Do you have an idea for new NRS Tips or NRS FastFacts? Or a suggestion for a future training? Do you have questions about where to find information on the NRS or the redesigned NRSWeb site? Send an email to - we are always on the lookout for your feedback!

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