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October 2014   

Welcome to the October 2014 NRS eNotes !

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NRS DC summer training participants


Summer Regional Training: Linking Data Quality with Action

The NRS project wrapped up a successful regional training on Linking Data Quality with Action through Evaluating and Improving Local Program Performance.  The training focused on ensuring data quality at the point of data collection and reviewing current data quality issues.  The training also introduced a problem solving framework for states to work collaboratively with local programs to improve performance and many states shared some of the ways in which they ensure data quality.  Thank you to all the states who participated in this training! Evaluation results indicate that the training was successful and participants found the information timely and useful. The training materials will be posted to the NRSWeb site in the next couple of weeks, however, if you are interested in accessing them sooner, please email the NRS mailbox at 

Data Quality toolkit


New Data Quality Toolkit available

As part of the summer regional training on data quality, the NRS has created an interactive toolkit of resources.  This toolkit includes a variety of resources such as NRS guides, tools and aids, training materials and NRS online courses.  This is currently on the NRS Moodle page and will soon be available on the NRSWeb site. 



Webinar on "Infographics

The NRS project offers a webinar series to help states and programs improve their use of data for program improvement; this webinar series is titled “Promising Practices in Program Management and Data Use.” Our most recent webinar, held in September, was on “Infographics.” Thank you to Kansas, Kentucky and Utah state staff for sharing the infographics you have created for various purposes in your state. The presentation materials from this webinar will be made available shortly on the NRSWeb site. If you would like to have them sooner you can email the NRS mailbox,

Stay tuned for the announcement of the next topic in the Promising Practices webinar series!



Distance Learning Course Launched

The 8-week course titled, 21st Century Learning: Building an Online Adult Learning Program in Your State was fine-tuned based on feedback from the pilot and launched in September.  This facilitated course focuses on state expansion or revision of their existing distance learning or online learning program. As part of the course, states are reviewing the NRS distance learning policy, learning about how some states have implemented online distance learning programs, and creating a plan for delivery of online distance learning in their state. 

data camera


New State Videos and Snapshots

We have added several new state snapshot pages for Alabama, Alaska, Arizona, Arkansas, and Connecticut. In addition we are continuing to develop new state snapshots for NRSWeb, so please reach out to us if you are interested in providing us with a unique fact or other information about your state.  We are currently working on a new state page for DC that will include an interview with Michelle Johnson about the NRS in DC.  Check out the twenty-nine states we have so far at:

Halloween characters

Quiz: Does Implementing WIOA Scare You?

We have heard that some state adult education organizations find the prospect of WIOA implementation a little daunting. As you begin to prepare for WOIA, perhaps you even feel a little... haunted by the ghosts of bygone adult education changes and implementation projects.

To help get into the Halloween spririt, and exorcize some of the demons on your worry list, we thought we would ask which of the following WIOA implementation challenges scare you most (click to vote):






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