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State administrators have an obligation to monitor local programs for performance and compliance with state and federal policies and procedures. NRS products for program monitoring help with performance data review to evaluate the effectiveness of programs and to identify areas for improvement.

Smart Fiscal Management for Adult Education Programs
This guide and accompanying training materials are designed for state directors of adult education and other state staff responsible for managing the adult education grant budget and expenditures. This guide focuses on fiscal management but maintains the goal of improving state data quality— in this case, financial data—for NRS reporting.

Desk Monitoring: Improving Program Performance

Using a quantitative desk monitoring tool reduces the burden on state staff and supplements qualitative information gathered through onsite monitoring visits. The guide and training explain the monitoring process and how a desk monitoring tool fits in the larger process. The monitoring tool is a template for state and local staff designed to determine what can be measured and how to evaluate programs using their data system.

Demonstrating Results: Developing State and Local Report Cards for Adult Education

Report cards can be powerful and effective tools for accountability and program improvement. States and local programs can develop attractive, easy-to-understand report cards to evaluate quality, identify levels of performance, and provide information to people so they can make informed choices.

Developing Report Cards
Learn to develop your own state or local report card in this four-part self-directed course based on the NRS Guide Demonstrating Results: Developing State and Local Report Cards for Adult Education ( DevelopingReportCards2007.pdf). This course provides an overview of how report cards are used in adult education and the five steps for developing a report card.

NRS Tips: Desk Monitoring

Desk monitoring is an effective and efficient way to assist states in meeting their monitoring needs. NRS Tips provides an approach to reviewing and tracking program performance by using quantitative data that serves as a supplement to onsite monitoring.

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