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National Reporting System   National Reporting System

OVAE requires states to complete a Data Quality Checklist each year that describes the state’s approach to ensuring data quality, the methods used to collect follow-up measures and the assessments the state uses for NRS reporting.

The first table below shows the methods states use to collect the NRS follow-up measures of entered and retained employment, entry into postsecondary education or training and attainment of a secondary credential. The second table shows the standardized assessments states use for NRS reporting for both ABE and ESL students.

icon: PDF Data Quality Checklist: Follow-up Methodologies, 2009-2010

icon: Excel Data Quality Checklist: Follow-up Methodologies (508 Compliant Version)

Icon: PDF State-By-State Tabulation of Assessment Test Administered, 2009-2010

icon: Excel State-By-State Tabulation of Assessment Test Administered (508 Compliant Version)

The National Reporting System for Adult Education (NRS) is administered by the Division of Adult Education and Literacy in the Office of Vocational and Adult Education at the U.S. Department of Education.