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National Reporting System   National Reporting System

All documents for this training have been archived and are available upon request by sending an email to

2005 The Third Wave: National Seminar on NRS Improvement for State Directors of Adult Education

Section 1

Section 2: History of the NRS
  1. icon: Word NRS Then and Now (archived) - warm-up activity handout
  2. icon: PowerPoint A Brief History of the NRS (archived) - presentation on the history and development of the current NRS

Section 3: Accountability
  1. icon: PowerPoint The Value of Data: The Vital Importance of Accountability (archived) - includes a review of recent national data and how these are used at the Federal level
  2. PART Assessments (archived) - handout from the Federal website

Section 4: Current Data Issues
  1. icon: PowerPoint Collecting and Reporting Follow-up Data: Or What's Behind Table 5? (archived) - review of Table 5 and how to correctly input data
  2. icon: Word Table 5 Exercise Questions (archived) - activity handout
  3. icon: Word Table 5: Core Follow-up Outcome Achievement (archived)

Section 5: Current Assessment Issues
  1. icon: PowerPoint Decision-Making Model (archived) - review of a model that may be used to address issues of monitoring and evaluation, data findings, implementation, and policies
  2. icon: PowerPoint Assessment Policies: Implementation and Monitoring (archived) - presentation about state assessment policies as they relate to student achievement
  3. icon: Word Sample Assessment Policies Exercise (archived) - activity handout

Section 6: Current Issues of Data Quality
  1. icon: PowerPoint Other Data Issues: Improving Data Quality (archived) - review of national data quality issues and how to address them
  2. icon: Word Reporting and Collecting Data (archived) - handout that summarizes NRS assessment guidelines

Section 7: Program Year 2005 Changes
  1. icon: Word Proposed Changes for Program Year (PY) 2005 (archived) - list of proposed changes for the coming program year
  2. icon: PowerPoint Changes to NRS Reporting: PY 2005 (archived) - review of changes for the next reporting year as listed in the Word document above
  3. icon: Word Revised NRS Implementation Guidelines (archived) - a summary of changes being made to the next version of the NRS Implementation Guidelines
  4. icon: Word Proposed Grantee Type Table (archived) - new table proposed for reporting
  5. icon: Word Draft Grantee Definitions (archived)- definitions of the terms in the Proposed Grantee Type Table
  6. icon: Word Table 10: Outcomes for Adults in Correctional Education Programs (archived)

Section 8: Collecting and Reporting Data for Entered and Retained Employment (PY 2005 Changes)
  1. icon: PowerPoint Aligning Employment Reporting with Title I (archived) - a description of the new reporting guidelines for entered and retained employment
  2. icon: Word Quarterly Periods for Collecting and Reporting Entered and Retained Employment for PY 2006 Annual Report (archived) - table describing the PY 2006 procedures for collecting and reporting entered and retained employment
  3. icon: Word Quarterly Periods for Collecting and Reporting Entered and Retained Employment for PY 2006-2008 (archived)- table describing the PY 2006-2008 procedures for collecting and reporting entered and retained employment

Section 9: Program Year 2006 Changes
  1. icon: Word Proposed Changes for Program Year (PY) 2006 and Beyond (archived) - list of proposed changes for the 2006 program year
  2. icon: PowerPoint Changes to NRS Reporting: PY 2006 and Beyond (archived)- review of upcoming proposed changes
  3. icon: Word Table 4b: Educational Gains and Attendance for Pre- and Post-tested Participants (archived)

Section 10: Data Systems and Desk Monitoring
  1. icon: PowerPoint Assessing Your Data System: Do You Need an MIS Tune-up? (archived) -review of data system elements and functionality requirements
  2. icon: Word Data System Checkup (archived) - activity handout
  3. icon: Word Data Monitoring Worksheet (archived) - tool that may be used for monitoring

Section 11: Assessments
  1. icon: PowerPoint Evaluating Assessments for the NRS (archived) - description of the assessment process, forthcoming ED review process, and description of the online database
  2. icon: Word Evaluating Assessments for Use in the National Reporting System (archived) - description of the evaluation process

Section 12: The Future of NRS
  1. icon: PowerPoint NRS Activities: Enhancing Performance Through Accountability (archived) - review of upcoming work that will occur in the next phase of this project
  2. icon: Word NRS Action Plan for 2005-2006 (archived) - activity handout and planning tool

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The National Reporting System for Adult Education (NRS) is administered by the Division of Adult Education and Literacy in the Office of Career, Technical, and Adult Education at the U.S. Department of Education.