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2006 Summer Training - Learning to be an NRS Data Detective: The Five Sides of the NRS

The 2006 Regional Summer Training addressed several aspects of the NRS including data collection procedures and requirements, improving data quality, and using data for the NRS. In addition, the training provided hands-on resources for using data including charts, graphs, and templates as well as learning materials to aid states in the step-by-step process of becoming a data detective at both the State and Local/Teacher levels. Materials provided at the training include the following:

All documents for this training have been archived and are available upon request by sending an email to


NRS Guide

  • 1. Guide to Learning to be an NRS Data Detective: The Five Sides of the NRS - This guide focuses on five sides to making NRS work: two foundational elements that must be in place to collect and use data (data collection policies and procedures and a state data system) and policies and procedures in three areas (assessment, goal setting, and follow-up measures) for collecting NRS core outcomes.

Facilitation & Professional Development Materials

Training Tools

  • 4. Sample State and Local Workbooks - workbooks provide samples of 'fake' data presented in a variety of graphs and charts providing ideas for ways to present information at the state and local level. The sample workbooks may be used in training courses to help staff and teachers learn how to question their data and analyze their findings.

  • 5. Templates of State and Local Workbooks - blank workbooks for state and local staff to add graphic displays of data, descriptions of these data, and analyses of information. Graphs and charts may be created using Excel templates provided below (see #6).

  • 6. Templates in Excel of Data Charts/Graphs for use in State and Local Workbooks - These Excel templates provide a starting point for entering state and local data related to assessment, follow-up, and goal setting, as well as teacher-level data such as classroom and student information. The data entered are linked to graphs that can be formatted and then copied/pasted into the State or Local Workbooks provided above (see #5).

Additional Materials

  • 7. Quotes about Data - a list of witty and inspiring quotes about data.

  • 8. State Data Systems - This chart displays in brief a list of state MIS for a quick reference, based on the status of those systems in Summer 2006.

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The National Reporting System for Adult Education (NRS) is administered by the Division of Adult Education and Literacy in the Office of Career, Technical, and Adult Education at the U.S. Department of Education.