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2007 March Training – Demonstrating Results: Developing State and Local Report Cards for Adult Education

The 2007 March Training was an updated version of a previous training in which we focused on the development of state and local report cards for accountability. Selected states that completed the training will put to use the state and local report cards they developed within the next year.

Examples of state and local report cards will be linked to this website as they are disseminated publicly and shared with the U.S. Department of Education.

The 2007 March Training materials include a Guide, Excel spreadsheets in which to collect specific data related to performance measures and other data collected by states, a PowerPoint presentation, and corresponding handouts and materials used at the training to aid states in a step-by-step development of their report cards, report card templates, and other resources and reference materials. Below you will find an outline and links to downloadable materials that were distributed at the training in the form of a separate guide and notebook.

All documents for this training have been archived and are available upon request by sending an email to


NRS Guide

Facilitation & Professional Development Materials

Training Tools

  • 3. Excel spreadsheets for collecting state and local data.
    The Excel spreadsheets were distributed to states prior to the training to ensure that data would be available to them at the training. The first spreadsheet may be used to collect local data and the second may be used to collect state data. Note: data used for accountability in report cards may include any data the state or local program collects; however, all report cards must include the 4 performance measures regardless of other information selected.

  • 4. Report Card Templates, User Guide, Navigating Techniques
    Five separate report card templates were developed for the training:
    • State Trends Report Card (focuses on data trends over several years in the state)

    icon: Word State TrendsTemplate.doc (archived)

    • State Comparison Report Card (focuses on data comparisons across programs or between the state and federal programs)

    icon: Word StateComparisonTemplate.doc (archived)

    • Local Trends Report Card (focuses on data trends over several years for that local program)

    icon: Word LocalTrendsTemplate.doc (archived)

    • Local Comparison Report Card (focuses on data comparisons between the program and state, between programs within the state, or between the local, state, and federal programs)

    icon: Word LocalComparisonTemplate.doc (archived)

    • Local Extended Report Card (this extended version in a tri-fold format allows more space to include graphs and text in the report card)

    icon: Word LocalExtendedTemplate.doc  (archived)

    In addition, a User Guide has been developed to provide technical assistance in creating charts and graphs from the data entered into the Excel spreadsheets as noted above. A Navigating Techniques document is also included to provide detailed formatting and style information about the report card templates and to aid developers as they make changes to the templates. Review the User Guide and Navigating Techniques documents prior to starting work to revise the templates.

    Review the User Guide and Navigating Techniques (both archived) documents prior to revising the templates.

Additional Materials

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