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2007 Summer Training – Desk Monitoring: Improving Program Performance

Desk Monitoring Training - Savannah, GAThe 2007 Summer Training on Desk Monitoring introduced the concept of creating a quantitative monitoring tool for use at the state office. The purpose of developing a desk monitoring tool is to decrease the burden on states by supplementing onsite monitoring visits. In addition to developing desk monitoring reports, the training offered guidance in developing a rubric to evaluate program performance. The Guide and materials provided below will assist states in designing a monitoring tool, planning and developing desk monitoring procedures, implementing this plan, and evaluating its effectiveness.

The 2007 Summer Training materials include a Guide, an Excel template to aid in developing a desk monitoring tool, a PowerPoint presentation and corresponding handouts used at the training, and other resources and materials of use to states in a step-by-step development of their desk monitoring process. Below you will find an outline and links to downloadable materials that were distributed in hard copy at the training.

All documents for this training have been archived and are available upon request by sending an email to


NRS Guide

Facilitation & Professional Development Materials

Training Tools

  • 3. Excel template for developing a desk monitoring tool
    The Excel template below provides an outline of a desk monitoring tool that can be redesigned to suit the needs of the state or local program. Refer to the PowerPoint slides for further guidance in selecting elements of the desk monitoring tool.

  • 4. Glossary
  • NRS has updated its online glossary of useful and important terms for adult education to include additional terms relevant to desk monitoring.

Additional Materials

From San Francisco:

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From Savannah:

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