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2014 Regional Training – Linking Data Quality with Action: Evaluating and Improving Local Program Performance

The goal of the workshop is to focus states on data quality issues and provide approaches and tools for improving data quality and program performance. States will review current data quality issues and suggest solutions, including methods for reviewing data and trends, improving procedures and data systems, and data auditing. The training includes tools for evaluation local data collection methods, including a problem solving framework for states to work collaboratively with local programs to improve performance.


Training Guide

1. NRS Linking Data Quality with Action Guide

In revisiting data quality, this guide offers new approaches and tools to identify and prevent data quality problems. It introduces a local quality checklist, modeled after OCTAE's state checklist, which states can use to understand and evaluate local data collection practices. This guide also brings together previously developed material on improving data quality into a single resource, a data quality toolkit that permits easy access to this content, to support ongoing state and local training around data quality practices.                                                                                                                                                   

icon: PDF Data Quality Guide

Pre-training Webinar

3. Pre-training Webinar (June 6, 2014)

icon: PDF Webinar Presentation

*Webinar presentation video is available upon request, email

Facilitation and Professional Development Materials

2. Presentation from the 2014 Summer Training


icon: PDF Linking DQ with Action Day 1 PowerPoint Presentation

icon: PDF Linking DQ with Action Day 2 PowerPoint Presentation

icon: PDF Linking DQ with Action Day 3 PowerPoint Presentation

icon: PDF Linking DQ with Action Training Handouts


Training Resources

icon: Word NRS Local Program Data Quality Checklist


Additional Materials

3. Group Pictures from Trainings


DC training participants

DC training participants


New Orleans training participants

New Orleans training participants


Denver participants

Denver training participants



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