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2008 Summer Training – Building and Sustaining Quality in NRS Data:  Strategies for Program Improvement

This training presented a basic summary of the NRS, clarified NRS requirements, and provided a model for State and local staff to promote using data for program improvement.  State teams had the opportunity to work on data quality and program improvement issues, which involved participants examining their data and planning an approach to address issues of their own choosing.  To examine their data, participants utilized a specially designed electronic tool based in an Excel workbook.  Ultimately, this training helped to build a foundation of knowledge and skills for NRS beginners while offering a new look on the basics and an opportunity to investigate data in more depth for NRS veterans.

The 2008 Summer Training materials are available to download below for state and local program use to improve their NRS data quality and use.  The materials include a companion guide to the training, the Excel Data Planning Tool, the PowerPoint presentation and corresponding handouts, examples of state approaches to examining data issues, and other resources.

All documents for this training have been archived and are available upon request by sending an email to

NRS Guide

  • 1. Guide – Building and Sustaining NRS Data Quality:  A Guide to Program Improvement
    This guide provides a basic summary of the NRS and clarifies NRS requirements.  The guide also addresses two fundamental concepts - building data quality and using data for program improvement.

Facilitation & Professional Development Materials

Training Tools

3. Excel Data Planning Tool for Building and Sustaining Change
The Excel Data Planning Tool was designed to assist states with improving NRS data quality and can be modified to fit state and local needs.  Refer to the PowerPoint slides for further guidance in using the Data Planning Tool.

Note: The main Excel file below, Data Planning Tool for Building and Sustaining Change, contains links to the other files listed.  For the Tool to be used effectively, all files must be downloaded and saved in the same location.  If you move or rename a file then the links within the Data Planning Tool will also have the be updated to reflect any changes you  make to a file name or to the file's storage location.

icon: Excel  Data Planning Tool for Building and Sustaining Change (archived)

icon: Excel Assessment Compliance (archived)

icon: Excel DM Excel Template (archived)

icon: Excel Follow-up Compliance (archived)

icon: Excel Goal Setting Compliance (archived)

icon: Excel Innovate and Evaluate (archived)

icon: Excel Performance Management (archived)

icon: Excel Report Card (archived)

Additional Materials

4. Other Resources: Data Tracking and Goal Setting

6. Samples of Evaluation Methods and Models

  • 7. State PowerPoint Presentations from Tool Exercises
  • During the training states were asked to use the Excel Data Planning Tool for Building and Sustaining Change to assess the state of their data quality, then identify a goal and develop a strategy for meeting and their goal.  At the conclusion of the exercise, states shared their plans for implementing and evaluating their strategies.   Below are a few of the state presentations.

    icon: Powerpoint Arizona Presentation (archived)

    icon: Powerpoint Illinois Presentation  (archived)

    icon: Powerpoint Massachusetts Presentation (archived)

  • 8. Group Pictures from Trainings
  • Click on any of the thumbnail images below to see a full-size image.

San Francisco1 Thumbnail  Austin Thumbnail

San Francisco                                                     Austin


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